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The Mud, Blood and Motocross Series by Mick Wade

Tweety knows all about girls

Mud, Blood and Motocross the Graphic Novel

© Mick Wade 2013

Tweety is one of my favorite characters. We’ve all had a friend like Tweety, who doesn’t let little things like humiliation or being wrong get him down. And he thinks he knows all about girls:

“Oh, yeah? You’re an expert on women now?” Kat shook her head.


“I did take Ellen Hughes to the freshman spring formal.” Tweety spread his arms wide. The raising and lowering of his eyebrows implied his meaning.


“Ellen Hughes told me you stepped on her feet all night and sweat through your shirt before you finally got up the nerve to kiss her when the dance was over.” Kat smirked and turned her camera on Tweety, who blushed a deep red.


He snorted and rolled his eyes.


“And she told me,” Kat continued in a slightly singsong tone, “that midkiss your mom came to pick you guys up and laid on the horn like a crazy woman.”


Tweety was now an even deeper shade of red, and Nick and Finn were laughing and shoving Tweety back and forth between them.


“She tried to describe the color red you turned, but I don’t think she came close to doing it justice.”


“My mom is a crazy woman. In the car, she gave us the infamous sex talk my brothers warned me about.” Tweety shook his head.


“I’m traumatized, seriously—full-on PTSD.”


Tweety always came clean, even if it was embarrassing. Actually, sometimes it seemed like he reveled in embarrassing moments. Nick was now weak with laughter. Finn was shaking without any sound escaping, until he inhaled deeply and recovered, balancing himself with a hand against Tweety.


“Come on. Let’s get the bikes loaded up and find Billy, so we can get something to eat. I’m starving!” Kat said.


Mud, Blood and Motocross - Moto mystery books for teens
The graphic novel is based on the book series, Mud, Blood and Motocross. If you can’t wait to find out what happens, check out the novels on Amazon:

Mud, Blood and Motocross by Mick Wade

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