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The Mud, Blood and Motocross Series by Mick Wade

Moving Drawings – Webcomics Come Alive



Lilli Carré draws a webcomic for the New York Times and uses animated gifs to bring her stories to life, like this story called The Bloody Footprint.*



This is a great example of what Scott McCloud talked about in his book Reinventing Comics as possible “durable mutations” in the world of comics. Webcomics are mutating daily.


What’s possible with new technology?

How does a medium change the way we tell stories?

What changes and what stays the same?


In this talk, McCloud talks about the language of comics and how it could change with technology.

“Media provides us with a window back into the world we live.” – Scott McCloud



*Thanks to Austin Kleon’s newsletter for sharing Ms. Carré’s work.

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