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Exactly how making art is like digging ditches


I discovered this gem through Austin Kleon’s fantastic newsletter:

“Watching Grass Grow” follows Don Hertzfeldt in time-lapse as he animates his 2005 short film, “The Meaning of Life”* over the course of a few years.



Don Hertzfeldt names this film “Watching Grass Grow”, but I see it as an example of just how much time and work it takes to create a piece of art. Creative work often has this mythology of being easy for the talented few. People believe that art flows easily and fully formed from the minds of artists.

But I think all great artists work. And work. And work.


They grind it out to become better at executing their ideas.


Aren’t you exhausted just watching him?

Making art is about spending time in the chair – drawing or writing. Or playing an instrument, or telling stories, or whatever it is you want to create.



*If you have a spare 12 minutes watch “The Meaning of Life”. It should clear a few things up:


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