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The Mud, Blood and Motocross Series by Mick Wade

Kat, the girl next door

Mud, Blood and Motocross the Graphic Novel

© Mick Wade 2013


Kathryn Mackenzie is the girl next door. The main character Nick Bishop finds he can’t stop thinking about her, but who can blame him:


Kat’s silky black hair framed her dark eyes. Kat was beautiful. Nick wasn’t the only one who thought so. She probably would have had a boyfriend the second she walked through the doors of West Central High, if she was allowed to date. It was her parents’ rule, but Billy went one step farther to enforce it. He put the word out that his little sister was off-limits to anyone who valued his life.


“Don’t even look at her,” he had said.


Kat didn’t know about Billy’s intervention. She had no idea why most guys at West Central avoided eye contact with her. If she had known, she would have been furious. But no way was Nick going to tell her. He didn’t want her dating some random loser any more than Billy did.


Today, she stood in the late afternoon sun, casual and confident, her hip pushed out to one side. She was wearing red shorts, and a white T-shirt that read it’s okay pluto, i’m not a planet either.


Kat recorded them on the podium and watched them on the small screen of her camera. Then she jerked her head up to watch as Nick felt a cold spray of liquid hit his face. Tweety unleashed soda from a shaken-up bottle all over Nick and Finn.


Tweety leapt from the platform squealing with laughter, and Finn tore off after him. Soda dripped down Nick’s nose, and he licked his lips.


Cherry cola.


Kat tracked them with her camera, recording all the action. Finn wrestled the soda bottle away from Tweety and held him down while he poured what was left over his frizzy yellow hair. They came back over, pushing each other back and forth as they weaved through the crowd.


“Gee, so sensitive,” Tweety said.

Mud, Blood and Motocross - Moto mystery books for teens
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